Email marketing has been in the game for a long time. It was effective then and now. Using this marketing technique, you get the chance to interact with your audience directly, solve their problems on a one-to-one basis and get a good chance to turn your prospects to a customer. To do so, there are rules and proper tactics that you need to follow.

In this blog, we shall start from the basics, learn how to set up an email marketing campaign and check out some of the best email marketing templates online.

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What is Email Content? Is it relevant for business marketing?

The email content is the text or the words used for any email writing.

If you compare the email marketing content with your usual blog writing – then the former one is more personal and targeted piece for a specific set of audience. How do you prepare the Email Content for your Email Marketing?

You need to be precise with the content.

This doesn’t mean that you need to edit and skip content, but make sure the content is brief and clear in its style.

Plan your Next Email Marketing Campaign

In email marketing, a business sends out promotional or informative emails to prospects or other customers. And the success of such campaigns is calculated based on the response rate of the email, how much people have engaged with the business and how many turned out to be the customers.

One of the most important points to consider is that emails are not dead.

Among all the email users, 90% of the adults and around 75% of the teenagers are using email. So, avoiding or skipping email marketing can cost you a lot of prospects and conversions.

We shall discuss with you the step by step process you need to follow for any email marketing campaign:

    1. Building the Email List

Yes, this one is a crucial yet basic one.

First, you need to understand who your target audience is and make the email address list for all of them.

You can even track your website visitors and make use of their contacts. For this, an opt-in dialogue box can be beneficial. So, whenever any user comes to your site, and if he/she wishes to leave the website, the pop-up would be displayed immediately where you can ask to subscribe for the updates or any offers. You can then collect the email addresses and use them for the campaign.

    2. Know the Purpose

Whatever steps you take for the digital marketing campaign, each task their own specific goal. While email marketing could have a number of goals and it could be any of the ones listed below:

  • Gaining new customers
  • Increasing business engagement
  • Taking care of the existing customers
  • Categorizing the subscribers in different sections

This way you can know the reason for doing the marketing campaign, and how you can benefit from the success of it.

    3. Type of Email Marketing

Your email could be promotional, informational or the transactional one.

Promotional emails are the most common type of email that you may have seen. It will be related to the service or any kind of offer you are willing to provide.

Informational is the one which has a relatable content like newsletters, personal notes or a diary note. Something which interests your audience and you are trying to provide some value with your service.

And the transactional email is the one which involves client communications like welcome email, subscriber confirmations or order confirmations.

    4. Who is the audience?

So, if you have been using email for marketing, then you will have an idea about the audience type or the people who engage more with your content. Using this information, you can plan the email content keeping the audience in mind.

    5. Follow-ups

Once you are clear with the goals and the target audience, it’s half work done.

Getting into the real work. To design and plan your email marketing strategies, you can check out the email marketing tools like sendinblue, omnisend, benchmark, MailChimp, or any other.

    6. Subject Line

Take as much time you want with the subject line!

The subject line of an email is a big win thing if done right, otherwise, it will cost you a lot. You can go through the basic tips and see how the subject line works for a campaign.

For example, a small part of the text is displayed on the mobile screen – therefore it would be great to have the important section of the text to be displayed at the start of the text itself.

The subject line should be catchy, precise and on the point. It should make the reader click and open the email!

    7. Copy of the Content

Make a great start and keep the purpose of the email in mind.

The copy of the content should be short and written in a nice, comfortable manner. The tone of the message shouldn’t be too salesy but written in a settling and understanding manner for the audience.

    8. Designing your Email

Once you are done with the content, the next step is the design. This revolves around the context and the type of email marketing you are doing.

For example, if you are doing a promotional offer – then make sure the offer scheme and the promo codes are highlighted properly. Also, the colors should reflect your business theme. Using fancy or hard to comprehend fonts are also not recommended.

Now, most of the good email contents have more text on it. Definitely, design makes all the addition however people may keep the images disabled on the email. If you have an important message kept on the image, then it won’t be visible to the reader at the first instinct. Something that we need to avoid.

Also, make sure you add a proper alt tag to the images used. This way users could know what kind of info should they expect from the image.

    9. Run it out!

The final step is to run the campaign and analyze the results.

You can check out some of the Best Email Marketing Templates here!!

Note for all Content Marketing Companies and Digital Marketers

We hope you enjoyed reading throughout the content and it helped you in getting started with email marketing. Always remember, email content needs to be short and precise in nature. The font, design, and theme should reflect your personality.

The copy of the email should reflect more on the benefits of the service rather than the features of the service itself.

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