6 Impactful Digital Marketing Trends That Can’t Be Ignored in 2021!

Digital marketing is a broad, deep concept. But the fun fact is: we all are part of digital marketing in one or other way. There are different ways in which you can leverage your business through website marketing, SEO, and social media. While Marketing Automation has entered the field, there are myriad of options which you can now set to working and reap the benefits.

In this blog, we are going to check out the top 6 digital marketing trends that will totally change the game in 2021:

Chatbots will rule

Chatbots are artificial intelligence software, which will be your caretaker for all your digital searches. Almost 80% of the businesses were ready to try chatbots in the year 2020, and we can only see things getting better and more advanced in the coming year.

The advantages of chatbots are: they will work 24x7 without any leave or vacation, and your customers will get an instant response for all their queries.

Example: Alexa device, online chat option for placing orders, etc.

Video Marketing

Who doesn’t love video content? To start with, video content is now synonym to digital marketing. You can’t get through online marketing without any video marketing experience. Why is it getting so popular? The answer is simple because it is more lively, interactive, real than the images.

And now we have the option to go Live on our social media and interact with the audience. This one’s the best form of video marketing, where you can even do a collab with digital influencers or celebrities for your product promotion.

The advantages include: building a brand identity, loyal connection with the audience, gives a better conversion rate, good for the SEO.

Good Content

Good content stays. People remember the content.

And good content is going to be the need of all marketing campaigns and digital space. When customers visit your website, along with the website functionality is the website content that makes all the difference.

Social media also requires catchy and heart-to-heart content. Are you serving the audience’s requirements and sharing what they are looking for? Then don’t worry! Your followers will stay with you.

Hence, good content above everything else.

Personalized and creative emails

People love brands that care, and when the emails are personalized just for them, imagine how happy they will be! If you are running an email marketing campaign for your company, then make sure you are updated with the latest updates. The same email format won’t work now! It’s time to adapt the automation along with caring for your customers on a closer note.

To do this, you will have to listen to your customers. Know the things that are bothering them and bring an effective solution.

Interactive social media

Social media can make or break the game.

To be honest, not many people understand the magic of social media and its value. Imagine social media channel as a platform to communicate your thoughts to and a place for sharing your business updates.

Use social media features and check what’s trending and what’s not.

For example, the current trend on Instagram is the Reels, so reel it feel it!

Going Live with your followers and interacting with them one-to-one is another great idea!

Voice Searches!

Yes, to Alexa and the Siri in the house. People love voice searches for a reason, and that is they love to talk. Make sure you have set up your voice search strategy with the selective keywords to rank on the search engines. 

With the help of voice search, you could help users search up for any query easily be it on a website, application, or Internet. Check out this article by wordstream about optimizing voice search. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you have any queries or suggestions for us - please let us know!